IrishAngels Ventures is built on a legacy of Notre Dame entrepreneurship.

IrishAngels Ventures builds on the success of IrishAngels, an angel investing network affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. The two entities work together to source, screen, and invest in promising startups. IrishAngels was founded in 2012, but its story began well before then. 

How it started

In 1998, the University of Notre Dame launched the Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship to foster innovation and infuse aspiring Notre Dame entrepreneurs with a sense of the possible. A few years later, at the McCloskey Business Plan Competition hosted on Notre Dame’s campus, several alumni judges and mentors bonded over their shared passion for aiding Notre Dame startups. They dubbed themselves the “Irish Angels” and created a forum where investors and entrepreneurs could meet and share business resources to help the Notre Dame community in creating jobs and opportunities. 

Over time, a group of the original Irish Angels decided to further support Notre Dame entrepreneurship by forming an angel investment network. In 2012, the existing group was re-named the Irish Entrepreneurs Network, and IrishAngels was spun out as a standalone entity.

IrishAngels today

Today, IrishAngels is among the largest and most active angel investing networks in the United States. Since 2012, it has grown to nearly 200 members and has deployed over $20 million into 35+ startup companies.

After five years of history with harnessing the power of the Notre Dame network to source, screen, and invest in high potential startup companies, IrishAngels raised its first centrally managed fund – IrishAngels Venture Fund I – in 2017. 

IrishAngels Ventures is proud of its heritage and aims to build on the strong legacy of Notre Dame entrepreneurship. Together with the IrishAngels network, Notre Dame programs such as the IDEA Center, and ND alums across the country, IrishAngels Ventures seeks to help foster the world’s best university startup fundraising ecosystem.